Thursday, February 12, 2015

मोदी विमर्श 43

Inder Mohan Kapahy CONGRATULATIONS FOR INTROSPECTION. But  the cause of BJP's defeat is not just taking support odf Suchha-sauda that it does use the help of all kinds of religious frauds and makes them not only candidates but ministers to exploit peoples religious feelings and superstitions. It lost in Delhi for accentuating the anti-people policies of the previous governments, the causes of their successive electoral losses. But those lacking sense of history don't lrarn from history. Modi government has taken big leap in the development of Adani-Ambani on the cost of the dispossession of peasants and workers through anti-people ordinances on behest of their global corporate masters. The pro-people in BJP (if any) must rise against the leadership of lumpen Sadhus-Sadhvis bent on mortgaging the country. No government has so shamelessly and openly has shown so much loyalty to Money bag whose hand are on the back of the PM. You can fool some people some time but not all the people all the time. If the PM  wants to refute the charge of being anti-national, he must come up with a clear stand on Ambani whose name prominently figures in the list of black-moneyed Swiss accounts. Bringing back black money was one of the main election planks of Modi. Amit Shah has clearly and foolishly confessed that it was just an election polemics implying that Modi's words are not to be trusted. Hopefully the pro-corporate, anti-people politics meets the dust elsewhere too. Country is larger than party.

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