Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The oldest civilization

India is oldest civilization evolving and perpetuating most inhuman social structure of Varnashrami patriarchy that kept the education and public offices out of reach for the vast majority making the social progress stagnant and the country vulnerable to foreign invasion. Any one with just few thousands of cavalry like Nadir Shah could overrun from Peshawar to Bengal in the vast country of so maany "heroic" traditions? Yes India has become self-sufficient in agriculture (BHARAT EK KRISHI PRADHAN DESH HAI) and agricultural lands are being gifted to global corporate for throw away prices after being confiscated from peasants with the arms and army raised on peoples' money. Those who oppose are killed, maimed, arrsted and trapped into many forged criminal charges as is happening in kalinganagar;niyam giri;nrayan patna;Npoida; jagatsinghpur.............. India is economic power with highest level of corruption; starvation deaths; peasants' suicides; criminalization of populace by raising private armies like salwa Judum....... The Indian state is in tough competition with Pakistan to prove itself as the more loyal dog to US imperialism on whose instance it is destroying the Adivasee population , expropriating their lands and subje cting them to all kinds of atrocities including burning of the villages; rapes and murders........ If some Vinayak Sens try to raise the voices of dissent they are silenced by draconian laws......... India is great as it has imposed an undeclared emergecy........

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