Friday, July 22, 2011

Bhagat Singh

This was initially a comment on a comment on a post ob FB. For broader circulation, I am posting it as a post with marginal modifications.

There is a common trend of aspiring to be inspired by a past icon without knowing his/her ideas authentically. Many people, aspiring to be inspired by Bhagat Singh do not know anything about him except from hearsay that he was a 'hero" specialized in the cult of Bomb!!! Please read THE PHILOSOPHY OF BOMB "to make the deaf hear" and not to kill. The bomb in the Assembly was not hurled at any member but in the vacant space to make the legislators listen.
Given his age (He was killed in the cold blood by the colonial butchers at 22), Bhagat Singh was a visionary and an organic intellectual of high caliber with a foresight of a society in which "exploitation of man by man" shall be made impossible" and did not seek "to kill the bastards" as other bastards are waiting in the gallery to replace them, taking their training from university campuses or some teaching emporiums and shops. If you really want to do something by getting out of your houses, do what? hit your head on the wall or throw a bomb at a crowd? That is what terrorists are doing.
Bhagat Singh was not a terrorist but a revolutionary activist and a visionary intellectual. My dear friends! the British tormentors were not so much tormented by the physical existence of that young boy but by the inspiring ideas of revolutionaries like him who "fought for the oppressed because they had to". If you wish to be inspired by Bhagat singh, know him, by reading and discussing-debating his ideas. In jail, on the eve of his life spent mostly reading and writing, when the priest asked him to remember the "God", he wrote an eternal piece, "Why I am an Atheist". Collection of his writings are published by Rajkamal Prakaash an and also by Rahul foundation available at reasonable cost. My dear young friend, if you really want do do "something", you need to know for transforming your uninformed restlessness into a creative rebellion. Key to any knowledge is: questioning -- questioning anything and everything beginning with oneself, albeit it involves the risk of turning into n atheist, as had happened with Bhagat Singh.
I will post an overview of Bhagat Singh's writings, whenever I find time.


  1. that is the reason that Bhagat Singh mentioned during his trial in the court that.....
    इन्क़लाब की तलवार विचारों की सान पर तेज़ होती है .........