Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Education & Knowledge 36

Level of social consciousness corresponds to the level of the stage of development, the role of revolutionary intellectuals is to contribute towards rdicalization of social consciousness. Why Brahmins become? A cliched nonsensical question. You should congratulate him for being able to discard and reject the acquired morality, the SANSKAR and replace them with rational morality that coincides with the Marxist understanding of hstorical changes. If you ask me, why was I born in a Brahmin family? I have no answer. If you ask me how and why I became an atheist and subsequently a Marxist, I can answer. Why were most of the ancient materialists like Charvak, Brahmins? Why the fist five disciples of Budha in his anti-Brahmanical campaign? If I look around friends and acquianatances who have entered into inter-caste/community marriages, including a couple of arranged ones, since the mid 1970s, in most cases one of the couples is Brahmin by birth. My dear friend Mahendra Yadav, with exceptions like Kabir and Rousseau, hstory could be comprehended by only those who have access to intellectual resources, considered to be source of "knowkedge" that was monopolized by the Brahmanical ruling classes. The alternative sreams of thoughts and rebellions also emanate from the mainstream. Once the education has been made universal, large number of Dalits and OBCs by birth are in leadership of most communist parties. The only MP as yet of CPI(ML) Liberation was a Dalit. One does not become a communist or communist leader by being made so, its matter of internal conviction and cmmitment to the cause of human equality against the syastem of domination and subordination. Though the education, the ideological apparatus of the state, does not impart knowldge but infprmation and skill to maintain the status-quo. But give us literacy, we will acquire knowledge on our own. The common mistake by the organized left and the forces of social justice has been ignoring the historical reality that the ruling casres have been the ruling classes also. The CPs ignored the social identity issue and the Social justie forces overlooked the class aspect. The fture revolutionary forces shall emerge out of the dialectical unity of the both.

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