Friday, March 27, 2015

Hindu College struggle 2

Vasant Sharma There have been no error of facts in our representation, Hindu College is nlarities ot a private body as claimed by the GB chairman in a communication to staff association 4 years ago nor a family that exposing its irregularities will bring bad name to the college but the corruption and mismanagement will. Hindu college is a public institutions maintained on public fund  and the irregularities must be made public. Since the last 5-6 years the Staff Council and its committees are being undermined and ignored. The Principals, mostly acting have been acting as the PA to the GB  chairman who instead of communicating through the Principal, ex-officio Secretary of the GB, has been directly writing and threatening the teachers, the principals, acting as postmen/women. We shall soon bring out a white paper  on the financial irregularities, arbitrariness and administrative mismanagement of the GB. We shall continue writing memorandums to constitutional authorities regarding the irregardless of the college administration. These moneybags are the governors as representatives of the trust under the obligation of contributing marginally (effectively 3%) towards the college expanses. according to information for the last 15 years availed under RTI Act, there is arrears of around 1.25 crores, that amounts to theft from the college. The huge amount of OBC EXPANSION fund is said to have been spent out without the expansion of single inch, excluding, as one of the English professors Dr. Tarun had said in a staff council meeting the uglification f the campus laying down the slabs  blocking the ground water harvesting system under the last regular principal, Dr. Kavita Sharma. The GB finds it easier to extract loyalty from the acting principals. This terrorize the teachers, those who get scared do not deserve to be teachers as the teacher is supposed to inculcate fearlessness in students and cowards by definition are unfit for bthat.

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