Sunday, March 22, 2015

DU 60 (Education &Knowledge 29)

This is my response to the querry by Narender Singh​ on a post regarding Hindu College episode --

The Hindu College does not have a regular Principal FOR A LONG TIME baring couple of years of VK Shrivastava  a cham of GB, who began the destruction of college atmosphere for ignominious selfish gains.The post of Vice Principal is his contribution to the college. An acting principal is easier to subordinate by the GB. Vice Principal is the Acting Principal, she became the Vice owing to her declared proximity to GB and "naturally" supported the action, nevertheless she pleaded with them to be lenient and reduce the the reduction of increment from 2 to 1 and retain the bar from administrative duties (particularly Staff Council committees). It is to be noted that she hopes to complete her tenure of Vice-ship as acting like her predecessor (suspended from the Staff Association due to his anti-teacher actions. One teacher representative is on long CCL and rarely attends the meeting. Another teacher representative gave dissent. VC is in collusion with the GB and university representatives are his appointees and hence "naturally" did not give the note of dissent. But we shall take the struggle to logical conclusion in association with DUTA


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