Friday, March 27, 2015


The problem with Sanghis is that they are trained not to apply mind. I too have met him more than once and shared platform with him as an ABVP leader during in Allahabad during 1974 UP assembly elections when the then Jansangh was projecting him as the UP Chief Minister. Again I met him in 1985 at IIC in the reception of Mahesh Jethmalani's reception. He is a good human being and possesses appreciable comic sense but is as visionary as Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan or Modi. He acted as a police informer in 1942(National archives). The only great job he did during his 13 day tenure in 1996 was to give counter guarantee to Enron, which he had been opposing just prior to elections. When he became full fledged PM, he accentuated the Narsimha Rao-Manmohan policy of mortgaging the country to corporate in the name of economic reform at the peril of millions the countrymen. Congress and BJP are twins fathered by the global capital. Bandemataram.

RSS and Jamat-e-Islami were openly opposed to freedom struggle so AB Vajpayee's testimony as an approver, against the revolutionary Liladhar Vajpayi is not surprising. Traitors of yesteryears have become the leaders of today-- particularly the descendants of the princely states spread over all the ruling class parties. Had the Scindhias  of Gwalior not assisted the British forces against the forces of peasants and of Laxmibai, colonialism might have ended in 1857. After independence, Scindia clan has been occupying important positions  in both  -- CONGRESS & BJP, one of them being the present Rajsthan CM. Even if his role as a government approver is set aside, what was the compelling force of the Rashtravaad  to kick out all the ethical norms for giving counter guarantee to Enron in his 13 days of PMsip in 1996? Traitors become  Gods in the country of idol worshipers. India's ruling classes have historically have sided with imperialism --from colonialism to the on-going neo-liberal imperialist onslaught  against the Indian people. The only difference between colonial imperialism and neo-liberal imperialism is that now there is no need of any Lord Clive, the Sirazuddaulas too have turned into Mir Zafars. Well there is one more striking difference, now it sustains and expands itself by the export of capital, needing an invitation of make in India instead of export of goods.

मेैने तो महज तथ्य दिये हैं. ऊपर Frontline के लिंक में 1997 में जब सुब्रहमन्यम स्वामी ने इस मुद्दे को उठाया तो अटल जी ने खुद स्वीकार किया है लीलाधर बाजपेयी की मुखबिरी की बात. बाकी 13 दिन के प्रधानमंत्रित्व में, संसद के विश्वास प्राप्त करने की नैतिकता को दर-किनार कर उसी एनरॉन को चुनाव के पहले तक जिसे देश की संप्रभुता पर हमलावर मानते थे, मुनाफे की काउंटर गारंटी देना कौन सी राष्ट्रभक्ति का सबूत है. विनिमेश के नाम पर मुल्क की संपदा कॉरपोरेटी पूजी को नीलाम कर शाइनिंग इंडिया करते रहे इंडिया इतना शाइन कर गया कि जनता को दुबारा कांग्रेसी दमन चुनना पड़ा.

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