Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women's day

Women's emancipation is integral part of the human emancipation. Women seek power -- power not to dominate but to help and heal; not to create counter-inequality but to discover and celebrate the unique beauty and pleasure of parity. The  real happiness of any relationship lies in its being democratic, at par and transparent. Those in position of power in hierarchical relation have only illusion of pleasure, or pleasure of illusion, put differently. Let us, remember, salute and pay tribute to the first organized movement of working women on this day, 8th March 1857, the year of India's first War of Independence from the colonial bondage, by taking their quest of freedom from gender injustice, inequality and discriminating, symbolized by their slogan of "Bread and Rose" to its logical conclusion by contribute our bit by our words and deeds in their dialectical unity.The feminist movement was not initiated by elite   but working women. Salutes to unprecedented upsurge in feminist assertion and scholarship, change is though only quantitative as yet, but will inevitably mature into revolutionary qualitative change with the end of patriarchy. I tell my female students that they are fortunate to be born a generation later but the freedoms and rights they enjoy, has not come in charity but is result of protracted struggles of previous generation that we have to carry forward. Salutes to ongoing campaign of feminist scholarship and assertion.

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