Sunday, October 4, 2015


The Murder of Akhlak at Basaheda: The beginning of the preparation of the UP election in 2017

One night, the mysterious priest of the temple made, who came to the village only 2 months ago and no one in the village knows about his name and how he became the priest, made announcement from that there is beef in the refrigerator of one of the 4 Muslim families amidst the dense upper caste Hindu population.  In no time a mob of hundreds gathered at the temple and marched in the narrow lane leading to Akhlaq's house, a blacksmith by profession. The frenzied communally charged mob ransacked the house insulted the women and lynched 50 year old blacksmith by stones and bricks and seriously injured his son. The family members of arrested accused pleaded innocence and their ignorance about the real culprits. The daughter of the deceased had identified the accused.   The mother of the 2 arrested boys said that everyone knows about the real culprit but no one dares to say. The Muslim youth, whom we met in the vicinity of the village mosque, not far from the temple, were scared to tell anything even on the condition of anonymity.

The central minister and MP from the constituency Mr. Mahesh Sharma assured the justice to mother of the dead and treatment of her fatally wounded grandson in his Kailash hospital, though the younger brother of Akhlak, was not allowed to meet him.  He warned the media persons and others against projecting this “unfortunate accident” that happened “in confusion” as planned one and asked them to refrain from giving it communal and political shape. He addressed a meeting of supporters in the same temple compound repeating his warning and assuring the justice to the accused. He issued a veiled threat to the Muslims in the form of an appeal that if they properly conduct themselves, they shall be protected by the civilized alluding the communal perpetrators. He did not clarify about his being so sure about its not being a planned design prior to investigation.  He seems to have succeeded to some extent in creating communal polarization and insecurity and fear among the Muslims.  We are passing through a very worrisome phase of the history. No one knows how many Akhlaqs shall be slain till the 2017 UP elections.


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