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Janhastakshep - press release on Daddri lynching

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Press release                                                                                         Dated: 5th October 2015

Subject: Janhastakshep report on the mob lynching of a Muslim man in Bishahara                village of Dadri Tehsil of Gautam Buddha Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh.

On 2nd October 2015 a team of Janhastakshep comprised of academics Dr Vikas Bajpai from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Prof Ish Mishra (Hindu College, Delihi University); journalists – Anil Dubey, Rajesh Kumar and Parthiv and Sheetal Bhopal, a student activist of Delhi Univesity, went to Bishahara village of Gautam Buddh Nagar District to investigate the incidence of communal lynching of a Muslim man Akhlaq and attack on his son Danish (who is battling for life) on the 28th of September for allegedly killing a calf and eating beef..
This incident comes in wake of uninterrupted controversies and communal tensions that have been kept alive around the issue of cow slaughter / ban on beef in different parts of the country. Several incidents of communal violence; threatening and killing of intellectuals opposed to Sangh Parivar’s communal designs and retrogressive sociopolitical agenda have been reported.
The pace of Sangh Parivar’s campaign seems to reflect its mounting trepidation in face of the ever elusive ‘acche din’ (good days promised to the people) and the nose diving economy.
Our investigation of the events leading up to the murder of the deceased Muslim person Muhammad Akhlaque Saifi and grievous injury sustained by his son Danish reveals that this incidence is an extension of the new genre of low intensity, high impact communal tension/violence targeting the better off Muslims and instilling the fear of the brute power of the majority community among the poorer Muslim masses.
There was ample evidence available to suggest that the incidence did not take place on the spur of the moment and had been well planned for by the Hindutva forces. This was implemented through a maze of front organizations other than those whose association with the Sangh Parivar is established such that the events could not be directly attributed to the Sangh Parivar. The team found a prospering of dubious ‘senas’ like the ‘Rashtravadi Pratap Sena’, ‘Samadhan Sena’ and ‘Ram Sena’ in the area.

Conversations with different sections of the people, most of whom were from the dominant Rajput community, reflected that a critical mass of people that the attacked Muslim family were convinced that the family had actually killed a calf. However, there were just too many holes in every version of how this was discovered, to stand scrutiny.

The role of the temple priest who made the announcement from on loud speaker and has since disappeared from the village; the role of the present village pradhan and that of the area MP and union minister Mahesh Sharma is highly circumspect. Pradhan’s own son and nephew are among the persons arrested for inciting and leading the mob.

On 2nd October while addressing his supporters in the Shiv temple of the village, Mahesh Sharma had alleged that the media was communalizing the whole incident and threatened it of the consequences. He said that “the villagers will not allow the media to even enter the village.” His concern was more of having justice delivered to those arrested in the case rather than ensuring justice and security for the aggrieved family.

A detailed report of the entire episode has been prepared by the Janhastakshep team to substantiate our assessment of this crime committed by the Hindutva forces. Based on our investigation we wish to make the following demands from the State government:

·         Janhastakshep fully supports the demand of the family that the culprits behind this heinous crime should be brought to justice without further ado or laxity.

·         Janhastakshep demands that the union minister, Mahesh Sharma be immediately dismissed from the cabinet for insulting the victims by describing the whole incident as an accident resulting from misunderstanding and for protecting the perpetrators on the ground. An FIR should also be filed against him for threatening the media persons in the village with adverse consequences.

·         While condemning the UP government for allowing free play to the communal forces in the state and failing to control violence against Muslims in the state; Janhastakshep demands that an adequately powered enquiry be instituted to unravel the entire conspiracy behind this incident.

·         We also demand that action be taken against the local police for its utter failure to restrain the local communal elements and for failing to keep track the activities of the numerous ‘senas’ that have been active in vitiating the atmosphere in the area.


(Ish Mishra)     

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