Monday, June 20, 2016

Marxism 17

 ThanksCom. Abhijit. A genuine question. I offer red salutes to CPI, CPI(M) comrades too when ever they are part of struggles or otherwise also. They are not class enemies, just that like Euro Communists, they are so deeply immersed into electoral-ism that mass struggles have become the matter of the past. Criticism is not condemnation. It is an observed truth that in CPI(M) or its affiliates, no one is allowed to resign but is expelled, though effectively it doesn't matter, its just the technical matter. Party line and democratic centralism, as it is practiced by Indian CPs, more ruthlessly by clamming to be more radical ones, is anti-Marxist as it obstructs the process of transition of "class-in-itself" into "class-for-itself" by acquiring class consciousness. Have been planning a theoretical work on it, but if wishes were horses! I knew Com Jagmit as a CPI(M) activist who dared the powerful Khap Panchayats in Haryana.

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