Sunday, June 12, 2016

JNU 17

Chandra Prakash Jha No differences. I am there in all the programs. I visited the Freedom Square for 10 days out of 16 days of hunger strike. I went in solidarity with one day relay hunger strike by JNU faculty, Ajay Patnaik disdainfully disallowed me from signing and sitting in solidarity with a badge saying that it was for JNU teachers. Anyway I always enjoy sitting with students and I didn't want to make a issue of couple of CPI teachers in DU colleges sitting there with badges. I had requested them to give me a chance even as 2nd/3rd speaker to talk about political economy of nationalism and share my experiences of 1983 as no one spoke about it. I am no big name but even ordinaries might have to say some sense. This does not dither me a inch in my whole hearten solidarity with the movement. I have written apart from on fb, 5 long articles on JNU. So it is not the minimum but maximum unity. Individuals don't matter, institutions do. I would have loved doing translations but no time.

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