Friday, May 6, 2016

Marxism 15

Anirban Bhattacharya Congratulations for so beautifully articulating the the contradictions and the character of Hindutva (I prefer to call it Brahmanical as both mean the same) fascism and the conviction of resistance. Had reserved this morning for something else but is consumed by reading this long piece and now in writing this comment. (It seems you too have forgotten to write small pieces, great people write alike ha ha). I have expressed similar concerns in my various articles ('JNU& RSS Jingoism' Countercurrent 4 May, ' भारत में नवमैकार्थीवादः जेयनयू और देशद्रोह' अप्रेल 2016, 'जेयनयू और संघी राष्ट्रोंमाद' समयांतर, मई 2016, 'JNU Marches On' I'll feel happy if you could spare some time to read them whenever and react. Absolutely true that all the struggles against injustices and oppression are part of ongoing class struggle. But yet another left organization is no solution. The need is and I had hoped the circumstances have provided and opportunity to arrive at a theory of unity from the unity of struggles. (May be its restlessness of a सठियाये (60+ years) student activist since the age of 18.) I have not given up the hope as yet despite the stupidity of my generation "communists" trying to transfer their sectarianism to youngsters. I wanted to speak in one of the nationalism classes as 2nd or 3rd speaker to share my views and experiences 1983 May protracted agitation on the issue of admission policy. Prepared a note "Political Economy of Nationalism and Egalitarian Alternatives"(, had conveyed my desire to JNUTA and JNUSU but may be that was not in line with party lines, an anti-Marxist concept (Plan a theoretical work on it, if my physical and intellectual vagabondism permits). Nevertheless, notwithstanding the personal, superfluous, Hobbsian grudge, I feel so proud of all of you to firmly hold on. The unity must be maintained with unceasing brain storming mutual dialogues. Let us re-read Marx and Ambedkar and adapt (not adopt) their teaching to analyze the present state of the combined oppression of imperialist global capital and Brahmanism and work out the long & short term strategies. Our generation of JNUites are firmly standing with Stand With JNU. JNUSU March On. Jay Bhim-Lal Salam..

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