Saturday, May 14, 2016

JNU 16

Anirban Bhattacharya Gossip-slandering has been regular feature among left factions that must stop. तुम्हारी कमीज मेरी कमीज से ज्यादा सफेद क्यों? I know through experience that such things cause intense pain and agony independent of our conscious will. Just laugh it out and focus on your work that no gossiper can take away. I am in the middle of an article on Dichotomy of Education and Knowledge and got a quotation from an American's post on fb. "Stopping Trump is not the solution, solution lies in eradication of education system that produces so many Trump supporters." Do not waste time in depression. I am tempted to share some post emergency gossips but some other time. In 1983 "Party line" gossip of one group on my rustication was that I deliberately got rusticated by not writing an apology as it gave me a face saving because I was incompetent of writing a thesis. Don't bother to react to them (though not easy but then everyone can do) and let the work speak. Jaybhim Lalsalam.

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