Thursday, May 12, 2016

JNU 15

Dear friends, I was rusticated in "May revolution" 1983 in defence of the admission policy with which they are trying to fiddle again. I have lots of grudges against people who had compromised then but now are with the JNU struggle, salutes to them. Friends as a teacher and activist w/o party affiliation but concerned with the fascist attack on education and total social transformation, I appeal to you to remain united and fight out attack on democracy. Circumstances have provided us an opportunity to create history. The country is looking at JNU as a bright ray of hope resonating with the slogans of Jaybhim Lalsalam. Let us use this opportunity for the decisive war against Brahminism. If we get into RSS trap of divide and disrupt, history shall not forgive us. Let us sort out differences through debate and discussion that has been the idea of JNU.

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