Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Janhastakshep- jnu press release

JANHASTAKSHEP: a campaign against fascist designs
New Delhi

Press Release

The Highhandedness of “High level Inquiry Committee” in JNU

A team of Janhastakshep, comprising of Professor N.Bhattacharya and Professor Manoranjan Mohanty (former professors in Delhi University); Dr. KB Saxena (retired IAS); Professor Anoop Saraya and Professor KK Verma (Professors in AIIMS); Ish Mishra (Associate Professor at Hindu College, Delhi Univetsity visited the Freedom  Squqre  in JNU to express solidarity with the students sitting on indefinite hunger strike against the high  Committee”. The team observed that there was another parallel hunger strike by ABVP. As a pretext to be impartial, the committee has also slapped a fine of Rs 10,000 on JNUSU joint Secretary, an ABVP member. The ABVP is demanding enhancement of The students charged with “sedition” are demanding total withdrawal of the recommendations of the illegitimately constituted committee in Toto, the ABVP is demanding revocation of fine against its member and increase in the magnitude of punishment to others. Janhastaksep  strongly condemns, in no uncertain terms, the punishment handed down to over a dozen JNU students, the protagonists of the current students’ agitation and firmly stands with students’ struggles against the  Brahmanical fascist attack on the institutions of higher education. JNUTA and JNUSU had already raised the objection on the procedures and the composition of the committee the leader of the anti-reservation, casteist organization, Youth for Equality. JNU has always been an eyesore for RSS and its numerous affiliates, as its democratic academic culture in unfertile to the growth of sense of devotion and unquestioned following, the crux of any right wing extremist organizations like RSS. Immediately after Modi’s ascendance to power the preparation began to attack JNU as is clear from the write-ups in Panchjanya and Organizer, the RSS mouthpieces and the dossier prepared in 2015 by some pro-RSS teachers that declared it as the hub of the “organized sex racket” and anti-nationalism. The charges labeled by Delhi Police and RSS/BJP leaders who shamelessly term the students of JNU as prostitutes and engage themselves in counting condoms and cigarette buts.  Why the powers that be seek to penalize the students who dare to dissent and invent, who are country’s intellectual potential? Brahmanism euphemizing itself as nationalism knows the value of education, the monopoly over which had enabled it to keep country intellectually stagnant for centuries. Punishment handed to JNU students to scare them into conformity, is just a part of premeditated attack on Higher Education to direct it regressively.

Ish Mishra

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