Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Marxism 12

It is a comment on a post on alliance of CPI(M) with Congress in WB :

The Congress and BJP are 2 camps of global imperialism. Yet the socialist camp is,( as Kanhaiya has rightly complained of a fractured legacy handed over to them by our generation )   economically (numerically) and politically ( level of revolutionary consciousness) so weak that alliance with one camp remains the only choice, as Tibs has rightly said the question is of throwing the fascists out of power. I wrote a term paper "Constitutionalism in Indian Communist Movement" for M.Phil course work in 1980-81 that was published in Third Concept in 1987(I wish I had preserved more term papers), in which the intuitive conclusions drawn are proving to be true. CPI & CPI(M) ceased to be qualitatively different from other electoral parties. But history has taken a U turn ever since and various shades of party & non-party communists cannot absolve themselves from the present dangerous situation of functional fascism. But it is time to defend the constitution from the fascist attack and tactically ally with certain sections of bourgeois parties. Unfortunately, the communists by their deeds and non-deeds have not been able to put forth at center stage the major contradictions -- the twin contradiction of Brahmanism that remains unresolved and the global capitalism, which have joined joined hands in a deadly combination --, the ruling classes are able to overplay their internal minor contradictions to blunt the edge of the major ones.  It is time for retrospection and introspection and for working out new strategies and new methods of unity, organization and struggles. It is also time to correct the mistake of leaving out the social justice issue for Ambedkarites. Students have shown the way by bringing together the slogans of Jay Bhim-Lal Salam together. The unity of struggles must evolve into a theoretical unity of the teachings of Ambedkar and Marx. When Marx was analyzing the rise and growth of capitalism in Europe, the birth qualification had already been abolished through Renaissance and Reformation movements, that is why he and Engels declare in the Manifesto that capitalism has simplified the contradiction by splitting the society into 2 antagonistic camps -- the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.  For India Marx uses the Asiatic Mode different from European feudalism and expected the positive, inadvertent consequence of colonialism in destruction of Asiatic Mode for capitalization of the country. But colonialists were not interested in capitalizing but in plundering and de-industrialization keeping the Mode intact and using it for their own vested interest. We in India instead of adapting Marxism to analyse our objective conditions and strategizeaccordingly, we adopted Marxism as a model. Did not plan such a big comment, conclude it by Capitalism is in crises and its salvation seems to have exhausted but  Socialism is in the crises of theory that needs to be taken care of.

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