Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Marxism 11

I haven't read Prabhat Patnaik's article in Telegraph, shall read it. Capitalism, ever since the 2nd path(late development) of development, has not only stopped confronting the feudal vestiges but allieswith and uses them to enhance the capitalist interest. I am writing a review article of Arun Maheshwari's book SAMAJVAD KI SAMASYAYEN for Samkalin Teesri Duniya's March issue and shall try to deal with the caste and communism in India. The question of solving the caste problem in India would arise if it seeks to or is intersted in. In Europe too, it was not capitalism that eradicated the birth qualification and replaced it . That was an inadvertent consequence. The invention of printing press broke the monopoly of clergy over scriptures and that of gun powder broke the monopoly of nobility over warfare, which coincided with the emergence the new species of risk-free hero, the hero of finance, who, in course 150 years time since Rainessance was going to be "the Hero". Confronting the old hero in its early development was not a choice but expediency.In India and other colonial countries, capitalism entered through colonial root with the purpose of plunder and not the development. European countries and America opted the Welfare capitalism to rescue the capitalism from crumbling down in the wake of its crumbling down. In India and other British colonies there was no capitalism to rescue, but to build. Therefore wefare capitalism was not a choice but copulsion of capitalism. So much water flowed down ever since in world's various oceans. The global capital and its neo-states, instead of combating pre-capitalist social schisms are intersted in perpetuating them. In order to blunt the edge of economic contradiction, it overplays the caste and communal contradictions. (Tought of writing just 2 sentences before beginning to plan the lecture for th class, but as is my wont of intellectual vagabondism). We must seriously debate the interlinkages between social and economic contradictions, ignoring that has been a blunder on the part of Indian Communists. Kuldeep Kumar bhai.

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