Sunday, February 21, 2016

Knowledge & Education 37

The ignorant parents (most of) are the first culprit of making children robots and parrots by overe cariong, over protecting and over expecting; by not being democratic, at par (parity is not quantitative but qualitative concept) and transparently; by blunting the elements of innovation and rebelion in the name obedience, Sanskar and displine; and most importantly by not repecting child wisdom and child right in and by abogating their right to independent thinking..Most of them unknowingly, instill their insecurities into their children want to realize their unfufilled desires through them. They want to make best out of their children by doig everything to enable them to mint money without any consideration of the fact that for one life time you do not need ubundance but sufficient only.Children are intelligent, keen observers and quick learners, parents have to instill values in them by example in the same way as a teacher has to teach by example. I tell my students that unlearning is as important constituent of knowledge process as learning. Many people do not undergo the process of unlearning and remain half educated.

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