Wednesday, August 5, 2015

DU 67 (Education & Knowledge 35)

Inder Mohan Kapahy Despite your seniority and experience of teaching you too resort to same, cheap  Sanghi   tactic of sabotaging any serious debate by diverting the issue being haunted by the specter of communism, must consult a Ojha. Discuss that on a separate thread. The post is about ABVP lumpenism in disturbing the programs of opposing groups as the recent case of vandalism in KM College by a gang of hoodlums claiming allegiance to ABVP went to  stop  the screening of a film on Muzaffarnagar and threatened to slap a senior colleague, and theater activist, Keval Verma, on the pattern of Nazi storm troopers- the Nazi paramilitary force--  that did the same things   apart from terrorizing the minorities like RSS and its  fronts are doing in terrorizing the Muslim and Christian minorities., your seniority does not suit the rumor based sense of history. Or should we take  that the senior  Sanghis are no different from their junior counterparts?

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