Monday, May 1, 2017

Footnote 4 (Triple talaq)

This is a comment on a comment on Triple talaq.

No one is ignoring the problem of very small number of Muslim women, who bear the brunt of the triple talaq that all the progressive forces are opposed to. But if those who organize their rapes of Muslim women and aspire to rape them digging out of the grave, become so concerned about them raises doubts on their intentions and exposes their communal agenda to divert the popular attention from the economic issues of survival and foolish people like you get into the trap. You are doing Modi's PR intentionally and inadvertently.In Brahmanism the concept of KANYADAN is so regressive but you would have never opposed rather would have accepted to be donated like a cow. Raising the issue of Muslim women by those who kill their own daughters in the name of honor killing and Love Jehad, raises serious doubts on their and their supporters' motives.

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