Saturday, August 27, 2011


In any class society, ruing classes overplay and over-project their internal contradictions to blunt the edge of the major-economic contradiction and create ideological confusion with the aim of impeding the transition of working-class (rural proletariat/peasantry/unemployed included) from the class-in-itself to class-for-itself. Look at the BJP-Cong contradiction both competing each other to prove more loyal to the Imperialist bosses and the sell way national resources to Corporate giants in the name of disinvestment! Unfortunately, the internal contradictions of various factions of ruling classes and their mostly paid political agents, is so overpaid that it seems to be the national political contradictions. Anna Hazare's "crusade" against corruption can be compared, in terms of safety-valve, like the "anti-globalization" campaign funded by globalizing agencies, under the banner of WSF. Nevertheless, as an inadvertent consequence the monstrous designs of corporate global capital, got highlighted to some extent. similarly, Anna's campaign has highlighted the issue of corruption got highlighted. Anna's appeal, touched the urban middle class sentiment and would be wound up as soon as it starts taking a mass-shape. Since the issue was secular and corruption-generated price rise and inflation is hitting the lavishly life style of the urban educated middle class and traders. It was similar crowd that could have been witnessed during ant-Mandal agitation.


  1. The whole Anna Movement has led me to think of few questions about Political Class. I personally believe that the essence of Democratic Debate, Right to dissent and Democratic Discourse is decreasing very rapidly. The reluctance of PM and his government over Anna's right to protest was clearly evident.Being a young boy of 23 years such developments led me to a larger question. The question about our own Democracy. Is it a Democracy of our essence and sentiments ?
    The way i see our Government, i clearly get my answer in a firm 'NO'. So if it's not a Democracy what is it. I personally believe the Democracy which we boast of is an imposition by Western Imperialist Model. During the early years after Second World War. So called western Democracies came up with the concept of Poverty and Economic Models. Poverty was generalized through out the world through World banks and many other Institutions. In such context generalized Economic Models were imposed and the phrase Neo Classical Economic Threoies were propagated. The rational being "the Grand Enlightenment". the same rational was used behind the western models of Democracy and they were indirectly imposed under the garb of egalitarianism and secularism.
    therefore today when i see the reluctance of PM and his aids i clearly get the impression of their belief in the propagation of the imperialistic models. Thus no debate no discourse is allowed