Monday, May 2, 2011


We all are professional intellectuals in Gramcian sense, none of us are professional revolutionary in Leninist terminology. We earn our livelihood by intellectual labor as in a class society, particularly in bourgeois society that has in Marx's words, simplified the class division into 2 hostile camps facing each other, we are condemned to do some alienated labor, of course under the control in the direction of the self-interested owners of the means of labor. We do have particular objective power to work but do not own means of labor means of labor. Bourgeoisie could acquire center-space on the foundation laid by it's organic intellectuals and unceasingly continues to create and recreate them to sustain and enhance it's class-interests -- Hobbes, Lock. Adam Smith,.......... Fukuyama. Working class does not have it's own organic intellectuals, some of professional intellectuals, who can comprehend, articulate and express the class interests of workers, become their organic intellectuals, like knowledge and class-struggle, , this too is an on-going process. In my own assessment, I am a comfortably placed (now),in socio-economic terms; a democratic & conscientious teacher in continuous endeavor of comprehending and aligning with the class interests of the oppressed within the limits of my political and intellectual capacity.

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