Monday, May 2, 2011


On the martyrdom of Com. Azad

Com. AZAD! Lal Salam
Lal Salam Lal Salm
Lal Lal Salam
Com. Azad Lal Salam

Civility introduces duality;
One wants to look, what one is not.
It causes the eternal contradiction of civilization:
the contradiction of the essence and the appearance.

The civility needs polity
to protect the person and property;
Kills the have-nots on behest of haves
and calls it national interest.

It cowardly kills in cold blood
And calls it encounter
Kills the tribals for the profit of Tata
Calls it development of Kalionganagar

Civility is divine:
The chosen few got the right to appropriate:
appropriate the wealth of nature,
And the duty to civilize the wretched of the earth.

Civilizing needs leisure and gainfully unemployment,
It needed masters to civilize slaves; feudal lords to serfs and capitalists to
the proletariats.
It needed Aristotles; Charlemagnes; Adam Smiths; Daniel Bells and Fukoyamas.
It also needed Julius Ceasers; Clive Lloyds; Hitlers and Mussolinies;l Bushes
and Blairs.

Civilization is man-made and not the woman-made, so is patriarchal;
Women are not part of it but just conditions.
They are not partners of the men but only the objects of their lust;
Not the creator of creativity but only means to produce future civilizers.

Lord Clive came to India to civilize us;
The enlightened sections of our ruling classes joined his civilizing mission.
The challenge to mission by the unenlightened sections – the peasants and the
soldiers -- moved by their affinity to nativity, was crushed.
Was crushed by the lovers of the new mission – the Scindhias; the Peshwas; the
Nizams; the Sikhs ……..

Spartacus – a slave—waged a war against the civilization in the Roman Republic.
It shook the foundations of the civilization but was crushed buy the forces of
The slain rebels were scalped with the trees from Rome to Capua to warn the
future enemies of the civilization.
The colonial civilizers followed the footstep of their Roman predecessors.

The mission of Lord Clive is complete: India is mostly civilized.
There is no more any need of Lord Clive’s physical presence.
All the Sirajuddaulas also have turned into Mir Zafars --
The Raos and Gaudas; Bajpayees and Manmohans; Budhas and Navins, in nutshell
Montek Singh Sahluwallia and Montek Singh Ahluwallia..

Let us join the enemies of civilization on global scale;
Let’s promote Dalit assertion and scholarship; feminist assertion and
scholarship and support peoples revolutionary movements world over.

Let’s join the Spartacuses and vow to destroy this civilization.
Let’s join the rebellions of Kalinganagar; Jagatsinghpur, Niyamgiri,
Narayanpatna, Dantewada, Kaushambi……

Com. Azad was a communist with a vision to end this civilzation ;
establish a new one free from subjugation and exploitation;
a civilization with the impossibility of expolitation of man by man;
of realization of creative potentialities by all;
in nutshell a civilization of human emancipation.

As a tarined technocrate, he could have joined a corporate
and become Chidambaram;
He could have joined world bank and become Manmohan;
He could have joined CPI(M) and become Budhadeb;
but he made a well thought decision to become AZAD
and lay his life in the cause of humanity and democracy.

Com Azad! LAL SALAM!!
you have joined the galaxy of the long list of martyres
whoi laid their lives for the cause of the humanity and hence the truth
you are the latest in the sequence of Spartacus to Gallelio;
Brsa Munda to Udham Singh; Bhagat Singh, Christopher Cordwell to Che Guera;
Charu Mazumdar to Pash, Maan and AZAD.

The posterity -- the people: the tribals and dalits; the workers and the
peasants shall fulfill the unfinished task of revolution. ....
And that is the law of the dialectics of nature;
Revolution in inevitable......

The flame that was sparked off at Naxalbari over 4 decades ago;
would and must engulf the entire nation;
Bearers of this torch of revolutionary flame are pervading the world
from Dantewada to Narayan Patna; from nandigram to Lalgarh;
from Kalinaganagar to Kaushambi.........

The enemy is desperate and united;
they own the Shastras( weapons) and the Shaastras) on the peoples' cost;
unable to kill the ideas they have begun to kill the individuals and massacre
the people who bear the ideas:
whether it is Niyogi or Azad; peasnats of nandsigram, Nrayanpatna or

The killers are worried and bewildered;
people have stopped fearing the death;
they are ready to die but not retreat, kalinganagar showed the way
Nandigram followed

The flow of the radical streams joining into a river must and shall get
And the oaring flow of this river shall be unstoppable by the CRPF type straws
of Chidambarams and Manmohans.

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