Saturday, May 7, 2011


Not so long ago India had a democratic queen
surrounded by the minions and zealots
worshiped by the wretched of the earth as benevolent angel
she promised the sky and took away their earth
to remove the poverty she removed the poor.
when the country needed rapid growth
India became Indira and and vice-versa
charisma begets charisma
the blessing in disguise not from unexpected quarters
but from the crown prince to be elected
lumpens of the country united behind him
like fascist black shirts behind Mussolini
was an Aristotelian without reading him.
ordinary women & men are duffers and buffoons
should be governed in politics and directed in industry
with their consent if possible
without it otherwise.
the leader of the lumpen brigade in the east
was a luminous lady
her name was Mamta Banerjee
much water has flown down Hoogli ever since.
Bengal rejected the lumpen brigade
it wanted a change
brought revolutionaries at the center stage.
they belied the peoples' hopes and expectations.
joined the forces with reactionary groups
pushed into a mess Bengal wants a change again.
as choices of democracy are between the evils
seems condemned to be oppressed by its lumpen tigress
for the next five years
credit goes to the lumpen brigade of the left front.

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