Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ramanujan’s essay

this a response to an accusation of being blasphemous. my comment on that

No one is trying to be bearer or courier of rationality or the final truth, not me at least. There is no final truth or knowledge for that matter, which a continuously evolving process. Each generation consolidates and builds upon the accomplishments of the previous generations. Any statement is rational which can be proved on the basis of verifiable facts in their dialectical unity with its ideas. I do not use abuses and regret calling names to Gods/Goddesses -- the impersonal, abstract concepts. But your drawing analogy with personal comments of calling some one's father's name is misplaced. Ramanujan' essay does not condemn the scriptures/texts but only selectively quotes from them. In my post and response to your comment on that post I have not abused put consulted only and exclusively the Ramacharitmans, (the Classic, that remains one of my favorite texts) to put forth my point. Unfortunatetely the rarely the points raised have been discussed. My question remains, who will decide about which community's religious sentiments are hurt by what, how, how much and why? Is there any homogeneous, uniform community? What is the common basis of uniformity or homogeneity?

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