Sunday, November 13, 2011

The nation

The nation
I am not looking for definitions that have evolved with the evolution of the nation-state and it's ideology -- nationalism-- and with the emergence and growth of the new species of hero, the hero of the finance, which began it's journey under the patronage of the absolutist monarchies subsequently to replace them and became nation in the form of trading companies. I am not looking for definition but the identity and identification.The "nation" expropriated the "national" peasantry and freed the "national" craftsmen and artisan from their means of labor and plundered those countries, which were not yet nation. Their wealth became "The Wealth of nation" and history became "the inadvertent consequence of' their indivual "profit making activities" coordinated by "the invisible hands of the market" [Adam Smith]. The notion of nation and and it's ideology are cruel jokes against humanity and my confusion remains regarding who constitutes the nation and in whose interest? If Naxalism is to be declared biggest danger for the nation, scam-tainted Chidambaram becomes the nation. When the needle of suspicion in spectram scam points to Ambani, he becomes nation and declares that nation would take care of its crisis. 11 Pepsi selling boys become a nation when they lose a cricket game, spot-fixing/match-fixing notwithstanding, one nation is trounced by another. if it is to kill the unarmed Adivasis protesting agaainst the grab of their agricultural land for facilitating profitmaking for Tata the duo of DM and SP kill them as "encounter" of anti-development activies on behalf of nation. An NCO of army becomes nation in J&K and in Assam and as nation can kill anyone in the name of danger nation. My confusion remains regarding the identity of nation. I have expressed my confusion in a verse: KAUN HAI BHARAT MAHAN? (RADICAL)

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