Thursday, November 10, 2016

Marxism 24


To dissent is to create, to conform is to copy. That is why I love dissenting voices. Voices of dissent have potential of being harbinger of progressive change if the dissent is rational and not based on belief. Whenever you agree or disagree with something, you must do so with reasons based on facts and logical arguments, not on preconceived notions or prejudices. All the concepts have historically evolved. In the course of French revolution in 1789, the pro-monarchy people were siting in the right wing of the court and opponents in the left. Ever since pro-change, revolutionary, progressive forces are termed leftist and status-quoist, obscurantist, orthodox forces are called rightists. We find certain teachings shocking whenever they hit at certain socially created values that we have internalized as final truth. Key to any knowledge is questioning; question anything and everything, beginning with one's own mindset. Questioning oneself is a daring act. Educational institutions do not seek to impart knowledge, knowledge is dangerous thing and ruling classes controlling the institutional education do not want to take risk. They seek to equip students with skill and information necessary to maintain the status-quo. If you want knowledge also, you have to make separate effort by questioning what you are taught. But unceasing questioning might invite the ire of by the ruling classes and come down heavily as it is happening with JNU and HCU students. Unceasing questioning the oppression and plunder of Chattisgarh tribal by corporate state nexus by Prof Nandini Sundar and Prof Archana Prasad has led to lodging FIR, charging them with "murder". As teachers, we must continue encouraging our students to question anything and everything for knowledge and a teacher must teach by example. #Standwith Nandini and Archna.

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