Sunday, October 9, 2011

Martyrdom Day of the Great International revolutionary Che

Criminal Institution of America(CIA) cowardly assassinated Com Che on 9 October 1967 in the illusion of restraining the red march in the twin continents of Americas. The criminal states can kill the revolutionaries but not their revolutionary ideas and examples that of this international revolutionary continue and will continue to inspire the revolutionary upsurges globally till the last knell in the coffin of the capitalism.A roving philosopher, a visionary and a revolutionary strategist who redefined Mao's theory of guerrilla war in the contemporary Latin American context, Che stated after the success of Cuban revolution that one can be a complete human only if one does not have to sell one's labor power like commodities and gave priority to literacy and socialist education as a minster and policy maker. His emphasis on accelerated industrialization reminds one the "great leap forward" in China. After contributing his bit to consolidate the gains of the revolution and in putting the Cuba on the path of socialist reconstruction, he moved to the next potential venues on the way of the march to the world revolution. The Criminal Institute of America, with the help of traitors caught hold of him while sleeping in his hide out and with criminal cowardice got him executed by the puppet Bolivian regime. They physically eliminated him making him politically more powerful and today Bolivian people are emphatically challenging the US neocolonial hegemony under the leadership of a "Red Indian" .
Long live International Socialist revoltion. Long live Com Che, red salutes.

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