Monday, October 24, 2011

failure of socialism

Reactionaries of the world are talking about failure of socialism.Not only in Asia, Africa and Latin America, what about success of capitalism, in terms of its promised goals, even in Europe and it's ex-colony and now self-claimed world leader US? The ruin of craftsmen/artisans and barbaric expropriation of peasantry leading to their proliterinization was dumped under the euphoria of the "Wealth of nation" marked its beginning. Disillusionment of the large working population kept under illusion/delusion of jingoistic nationalism has badly cornered and exposed the invisible hands of the market and occupation of the wall street and its satellites. This must mark the beginning of capitalism. I hope, these waves of spontaneous popular upsurges world over, more particularly in the head-quarters of the neo-liberal imperialism would lead to the formations of new kind of internationals at global level as the oppression is global, so must be the resistance. But as self-criticism is one of the key concepts of Marxism hence we must critically, honestly, seriously retrospect/introspect about the socialist experiments; why they went the way they did??

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