Friday, October 28, 2011


The history of human development has also been the history of modification of the tools of social production; comprehension; and change. Ruling classes and their covert allies, advertently/inadvertently overplay the minor, technical and mostly artificial contradictions to blunt the edge of the major contradictions. In the post Upendra is referring to does not talk of contradiction between conflict and struggle but their intimate linkage to be used interchangeably. Marxism is not based on any sacred text but is a dynamic science to comprehend the existing reality in the historical perspective on the one hand and a revolutionary ideology to change it on the other. Those who seek to look for all the developments after Marx are as fundamentalist as those who claim to have located all the modern scientific and philosophical developments in Vedas or Quran or Hadith for that matter. Had Lenin or Mao followed Marx's views on non-revolutionary character of peasantry great historic Russian or Chinese revolutions would not have occurred in a backward capitalist and a semi-feudal /semi colonial country as the peasantry was the main source of respective peoples' armies. There is no final truth and final knowledge. Truth has to be proved in practice and not by attribution to God or reference to Vedas, Hegel or Marx, as key to knowledge is questioning anything and everything including one's own mindset.

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