Thursday, October 27, 2011

history and society.

True, the reality changes according to the needs and norms of historical societies and history in course of time evolves the dialectical laws of its dynamics but nothing moves on its own. despite the unprecedented progress in quantum physics, at macro level, Newton's laws are still applicable. history does not move on its own but in dialectical unity with the external force, the conscious human effort to change the reality based on provable facts and not on philosophically abstracted assumptions or ecclesiastical dogmas. The conscious human effort is related to historical progress in a cause-effect dialectical relationship. You must not forgotten couple of lines from The Theses on Feurbach: "consciousnesses is product of material conditions and chnged conciousness is product of changed material conditions." But who changes the material conditions? Concious human effort based on scietific comprehension of history and society.

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