Saturday, March 5, 2011


Manmohan Singh was a "good" student and kept away from politics, studied at Cambridge and developed an unchanging sense of history taught by imperialist historiography that colonialism had the civilizing mission. As soon as he found the first opportunity of expressing his indebtedness to the colonial masters and teachers, he expressed gratitude not only for their providential act of civilizing us but also for modernization through industrial development. Had he been my student, would have failed in Political Economy paper.Any student of Economic history knows the historical fact that till around 1813, international trade meant, trade into Indian and east- Asian, particularly, Chinese goods.East India companies did not come here to sell their goods but to buy the Indian goods with the gold and silver obtained from the slave trade in Caribbeans.When our colonial rulers were civilizing and developing us, India faced many unprecedented famines. The tribal areas where the colonial rule had not been able to penetrate, did not have to face the famines. After they had fully developed and civilized us left like civilized rulers in 1947, they had developed us by industrialization (read de-industrialization) that industrial share in the national economy was 6.7% that included the service sector including Indian Railways, said to be the biggest rail network. Do you think a PhD in Economics with such a commonsense sense of

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