Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ahmer bhai I totally agree with you and have similar apprehension of privatisation/marketisation of the education by academic bureacracy and malign the teaching community. In-fact I never had any second priority of job and waited till very late and accidently got one, enjoying interacting with batches of young undergraduates.
My problem is with fiefdom of the professors over jobs and paternisation of select band of students on vaious consideration by them , which directlyy-indirectly corrupts the ethics of education. With my long experience of appearing for the interviews, few as part of selection committe as Teacher-in-charge, I am tempted to say that majority of teaching jobs are given on extra-acedemic condsiderations, if one is academically competent also, that is additional qualification.Few get accidently. Sons/daughters/dogs/cats of professors get teaching jobs immediately after their MA if they are not intersted in UPSC etc, otherwise immediately after getting rejected in all the competitive exams. Many of them work to justify themselves and others take it just as a job, where as its a qualitatively different job. I have 13 years experience of appearing in interviews in Delhi university. In case of fiefdom of jobs there is only quantitative difference between rightist and leftist profesors. In fact a friend Dr. Ashokraj had planned a book in mid-eighties but probably didnt go ahead with : Delhi University Academics: The Godfathers and the bastard sons. raising this question in no way to weaken the teachers unity or to claim to be vituous but strengthening it as an exercise of self criticism.
Long live the teachers democratic unity.

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