Saturday, November 6, 2010


@kuljinder there have been so many discourses on religion, it has been delibertely kept tough to understand, so that people dont understand and clever people takig advantage of this ignorance serve the economic and political vested interests. Had all the religions been pointing to the same thiing -- some abstract good -- , why there would have been so much bloodshed in the name of the religions and sects?
@ Hasan rashid sahab, majhab ka kabhi bhi koi constructive role nahi raha hai -- aristotolte, Kautilya, Machiavelli sabhi ne shashakon ko salah di hai ki ve dharm ka istemal rajneeti ke hathiyar ke roop me karen kyonki isase logon ko vafadar aur ekjut rakhna ashan hai, aur ishvar ka bhay raja ke bhay me tabdil ki ja sakti hai . the fear of God would transcend into the fear of the prince _machiavelli).
@ Khurshid sahab: Modern, communal brand of religiousity is not the ideology of the antiquity but a modern ideology of capitalism that wants to conspire against the present in the name of some undemaecated unknown glorious past. for example : every one had been shouting against the BJP's hiddent agenda, I was saying, hinduttva is the open agenda, hidden agenda is selling the resources of the country to national/foreign companies at throw away prices and ofcourse with huge "political" goodwill amounts.

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