Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kashmir 1

Drrajat SrivastavaWhat is loyalty? The concept of Loyalty is an ideological slavery in contrast to freedom. Loyal to whom? Loyal to people or government?? What is your objection, this is reality of how Kashmiri teenagers feel about the military occupation of their land. Had I or you been a Kashmirir child, we would have felt the same way. "You say you are RADICAL". I do not say, what I am, as I do not know. I react to situation on the basis of rational sensibility of an ordinary natural human being. Marx said "To be radical is to grasp the root of the matter. But for man the root is man himself." To be radical is to be self critical. India wants Kashmir without Kashmiris! If Kashmir is integral part of India, why don't treat Kashmiris as Indians? Why to kill, maim, torture and abuse them all over India.? IF Kashmir is integral part of India, why any protest in Kashmir is directly dealt with bullet where as elsewhere with water cannon or teargas? This means the Government says but does not treat it as a part of India. I do not have solution, the governments of India and Pakistan and the people of Kashmir including the Pandits have. Both the governments subservient to imperialist global capital do not want solution as it provides them fuel for jingoism by India-bashing and Pak-bashing because they have nothing to show on economic fronts spending billions on military building. Kashmir is political problem needing political solutions. Both the governments must demilitarize the zone; withdraw draconian AFSPA and hold inquiry into fake encounters and other atrocities. Both the governments and representatives of various section of people should hold honest deliberations and arrive at an amicable solution. No people can be subjugated forever by military might. In a democracy every people have right to self determination.

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