Saturday, February 12, 2011


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@ Satyendra: Which Hindi movement you are talking about? Late sixties? I was a school student (IX-X) and as a teenager, instinctively participated in that. That was absolutely a jingoist and lumpen movement looking into retrospective. At a time when French students were involved in revolutionary upsurge but for the tragic non-supporet of the French Communist party that could have created a different history; US campuses were oozing out with anti-Vietnam war campaigns;Chinese students were in the forfront of the cultural revolution; in India the Jadavpur, Calcutta University and IIT Khadakpur and other west Bengal and Andhra Pradesh campuses were vibrant with pro-Naxal students upsurge and thousands of young talents were butchered by the criminals like Sidharth Shankar Ray and Niyogi the WB Police chief, we in the Hindi land were involved in Hindi chauvinism . As a teenage student from a village, I still remember the speeches of few of the famous BHU leaders majumdar , Ram Bachan Pandey, et al who were induldging into just meaningless demogogery and pedantry. One leader who got maximum applauds was just using abuses against Hajari Prasad Dvivedi, then rector of BHU. I was part of direction-less and confused spontaneous movement against corruption that is known as JP or Bihar movement. JP was a spent force then. had opportunity to attend his one meeting in Delhi in 1972 in JNU City Centre attented by some 40-50 people. the movement led by Lau yadav and Shushil Modi had no vision when JP was approached for itrs leadership and that provided respectability to Right reactionary forces like RSS. Nanaji Deshmukh became JP's closest ally. That was the worst phse of JP's political life as a visionary and statesman.Where did all the leaders of JP movement go? That was beginning of lumpenisation of BHU and Allhabad University campuses. Goons reined the roots. As a student of Allhabad University from 1972-76 (with some period of 75-76 in Naini central jail, during emergency). It was just goons all around in the campus.Most of the RSS/ABBVP people supported Sanjay Gandhi's 20 point programme including Deoras RSS chief but were not released. Mandal movement was fascist euphoria of defending the privileges of anti-human Varnashramism by upper caste students and teachers. After being released from DIR and warranted in MISA decided to come to delhi to live underground and reached JNU looking for some Allahabad Univ friends and was welcomed into tiny JNU community. Coming from hierarchical feudal atmosphere of Allahabad, the democratic atmosphere of JNU seemed to some different island. During emegency when all the campuses hade succumbed to emergency kind of fascism, JNU students didnt allow Indira Gandhi to enter the campus in 1975 (this I heard from others). There was performance of lay on Bhagat Singh with anti establishment slogans. When we went to meet DP Tripathi my Allahabad senior and the President of JNUSU in Tihar jail and we played the recordings of the play, he was amazed. After emergency JNU students actively involved into mavement against guilty-4, the perpetrators of emergency rules in the camous and VC had to go. Indira Gandhi was still Chancellor and had to resign under the pressure of JNU sudents movement. Mind it it was still a tiny campus. JNU students in different batches went to campaign against main culprits of Emergency -- Indira gandhi; sanjay gandhi; Bansilal. I was in Bhivaani(Bansilal) team under the leadership of Com Sunit Chopra. We were into thick of anti-shah movement of the Iranian students. Delhites will remember about the roll back of DTC fare consequent to protracted students movements of JNU students with enduring Lathi charges and arrests. people will say you have 12.50 b us pass why are you agitating but the ambit our concern was beyond self interests. ......... In 1983 there was a protracted movement for the old democratic admission policy leading to sine-die and rustication of many students ( including me) who refused to write an apology . All of us had lota on stake: fellowship/PhD degree/campus life.... In 1996 after the matyrdom of Com Chandra Shekar aty the hannds of JP movement heroesw Lalu's blue eyed criminal Shabuddin , the roads of Delhi were inundated by heroic boys and girls of JNU..................... At present most active section of anti green hunt criminasl acts of Chidambaram et al JNU students are at the forefront of "Campaign against War on people". It will ned to write a book about JNU's democratic academic culture and I have lots of other vwritings to do. now with this ground work you can do your own research. By the way what the people like you and Vijay have been doing these days??

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