Monday, February 28, 2011

End of Capitalism 1

@Upendra Mishra: I will write a detailed post on the issue of death of communism as declared in the slogan of End of History. Prof randhir Singh has written in a book "The crisis of Socialism" vividly detailing about what happened in USSR. Capitalism is an international/global system it's alternative would also be international/global. Capitalism as an ideology has been infected with crises from the very beginning in its history of over 400 years but no one said capitalism is dead? It begins with basic assumption of humans being free and equal and perpetuate unfreedoms and inequalities, owing to bastardness of it's character in the sense that it never does what it says and never says what it does.It would create terror by conducting pogroms by butchering millions of humans and call it "war against terror" with peoples' money. It imposes "Economic Reforms" that results into exalted scales of corruption; inequality;poverty; hunger; unemployment; murders and massacres by state-corporate goons; custodial deaths; suicides by farmers and fishermen; unemployment;displacement; .... in the best interest of people, which effectively is the best interests of corporate and its political agents. Russian and Chinese revolutions were results of crises of capitalism and undertook to realize the promises made by capitalism -- the promise of popular sovereignty, that is why Mao does not call it communism but the New Democracy. And look at the capitalist development under socialist planned economy and anarchic capitalist economies.Any way now they too are capitalist. No danger of communism at the moment, why capitalism is undergoing perpetual crisis and fraud? Where is the heaven promised by the End of History? The law of Dialectics is anything that exists is destined to perish, so will capitalism and let us not anticipate the programs of future revolutions that would cause diversion from the present struggles that are continuously going on in one form of the other. The envisioned communism is a classless/stateless system and hence global for which capitalism has already prepared the ground. Let us endure this bastard system till the eyes of the people become the surging sea of pain and drown it and take the world to the era of human emancipation and history moves on.

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