Friday, November 26, 2010

Students movement in England

Same arguement is being forwarded by many supporters of fee-hike in Delhi University also that is aimed at privatisation and commercialization of Education that must be state responsibility. Their argument is give freeship or concessions to economically deprived sections, thuis opening the whole pandora of all the means to get appropriate income certificate by the rich like medical certificates to cover attendance shortage on the one hand and create 2 classes of students on the other. If you really want to tax the rich tax them at the root; bring out the black money, which according the economists working on the "black economy", constitutes more than 60% of the national wealth; stop spending crores everyday on army deputation in Kashmir and Northeast (in case of England in Iraq and Afganistan) to kill and maim people and to plunder their resourses; stop the gimmics of colnial legacies like carrying the queen's baton by spending and looting almost billions.
More over such spontaneous "uprisings" on immediate issues amomng the youth and students, generally lead to transformation of movements into movements for broader changes. Communist Party of France did not appreciate the importance of radical students' 'uprisings" of 1960s had it done so the results would have been more farreaching.
Long live the revolutionary traditions of students' radical movements and slute to agitating students.

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