Tuesday, July 14, 2015

फुटनोट 38

Ruth Elise Otterman, Great that you have endured 25 years of Canada Post office job for 25 years.  I am in university teaching just for 20 years and shall retire  with a total service of 25 years as due to deep rooted corruption and favoritism, I managed to get a teaching job, my only job priority, at 41 (official age one year more than real), accidentally.  In capitalism, all of us except the capitalist, are condemned to do alienated labor to survive. Capitalists do different kind of alienated labor, that is not the concern here. Teaching is one job, in which you can minimize the alienation. To end the alienation capitalist social relations have to be ended. That is  possible only with the end of capitalism and that needs revolution precondition for that is working class consciousness and organization.

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